Computer Repair

Is your computer running slowly? Does it not boot as quickly as it used to? Do you suspect virus and/or spyware infections? From setting up a new computer, to tuning up a computer to run like new, John D. Bentrim is here to help.

Hard drives can fail. Viruses can infect your system. Power supplies short out. Often a simple solution can fix your computer. However, when a system is beyond a cost effective repair, we can recommend an appropriate and affordable upgrade. In addition to this, we will transfer over old pictures, songs, or any other important data to the new system, which we will set up and configure. 

People need doctor check-ups. Cars receive regular inspections. Computers need check-ups too! A little professional maintenance goes a long way towards expanding the life span of your computer. Don't become overwhelmed by technology- call us for help today! 

A huge overlook by most people is the level of dust that gets inside of computers. This dust insulates heat, which can severely damage your system. Let our experts use our static-free vacuum to ensure a safe cleaning, extending the life of your computer!

Dirt - the good, the bad, the ugly.

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