Your first line of defense against outside attacks on your computer network is your Firewall. John D. Bentrim Consulting can provide you with a customized Firewall to ensure your network and precious data are kept safe and secure. 

A Firewall is a specially configured computer to act as a guard between you and the Internet. All your browsing, email, downloading goes through this computer. On the Internet side it's like a brick wall. Nothing comes through that we don't allow.

While many of the basic appliances that Internet Providers lease you when you sign up can sort of do this, they are no where near as flexible or secure as the Firewall we install.

OpenBSD is known by the computer community as the best. In addition to top-of-the-line security, it is also a VPN tunnel. 

VPN(Virtual Private Network) tunnels allow your company to join the 21st century, and have the ability to telecommunicate work from home! With the proper configuration, employee's home computers can be used to securely access their work computer from any location. This increase in productivity availability drastically diminishes downtime due to any variance, such as extreme weather. 

We can also set up your Firewall to act as a Backup Server, to perform regular backups of your important data. 

Additionally, your Firewall can be configured as a Proxy Server. This stores data about what websites your network accesses, rather than relying on the DNS server, which speeds up network performance. It also can pre-screen what is coming back and stop you from going to known dangerous sites, as well as pre-screen for viruses.  Content can also be screened, so if you want to keep certain sites off the company (or home) computers, they can be stopped here.