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Super phone machine

posted Oct 7, 2014, 2:18 PM by John Bentrim
I have new favorite software!!!

I installed this software and bought an inexpensive modem that recognizes Caller ID.  Hooked up my phone line to my computer. Now every call that comes in is displayed on my screen who it is. Also there is an option to "block". If I block it, from then on if it calls back, my phone rings once, and hangs up. If I wanted it to, it would play a message like "stop calling me" or "IRS, how can I help you?".  It also records each call with date, time and who it was. So If I'm not in, i can look at the log and see what I missed. If it's 1 800 I wanna bother you, I can just mark it then to block all future calls. It works like a charm.  Every time a call that rings once and hangs up happens, I think to myself "another angel just got it's wings".