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John D. Bentrim specializes in virus and malware removal. Yes, we actually do get rid of these for you. Unlike big chains, we don't simply wipe your hard drive and re-install the Operating System. 
What we do -
1. Make an image of your computer. This is a backup that puts everything into storage files. We do this outside of your operating system. That way we don't get infected.
2. We remove your hard drive and scan it with our award winning scanning technologies. Multiple times, multiple type of software. This ensures no hidden malicious software remains to re-infect the system.
3. We return your hard drive to your system and repair any damage from the original intrusion or things hurt during the removal process.
Talking with various people we have found that not only do we do it for less money, but more thoroughly. Plus we don't loose any of your data (documents, pictures, video, music ....

Proper anti-virus software in place can help block attacks that would compromise your network and vital business data. We'll develop a network security strategy specific to you or your business needs.