Have you noticed your cell phone bill costing you more than it should?

posted Jun 12, 2015, 12:33 PM by John Bentrim
Recently, our 10 GB family sharing plan has been running out days - sometimes weeks - before our billing cycle ends. Hours of discussion with Verizon ended only with instructions on how to monitor the usage. That, however, led to the discovery of mobile data (not wifi) activity on one of our phones in the early hours of the day, before anyone is awake to use such data. 
This led to digging through online forums to see if anyone else was experiencing similar problems, of which there are a plethora. People's daily usage hasn't significantly changed, but they are running out of mobile data at a much faster rate.
What we discovered was our phone defaulting to mobile data, even when connected to our wifi. Also, it would constantly be searching for a wifi signal, even when connected. This would occasionally lead to the phone heating up significantly. Online forums have Verizon and/or AT&T instructing people to wipe their cashe memory, and if that fails to work, factory reset your phone (which deletes all your data). Even when people followed these steps they STILL had the same problem. 

Our solution? Simply turn off the mobile data when in wifi range. Now, there is no searching and heating up, and everything works fine. The only application that seems resistant to this bandaid is Snapchat, which will notify you of new messages, but will only load them through mobile data. There is speculation that the latest update to the operating system has caused this bug, but without any official word from the major cell phone companies, we suggest turning off mobile data unless wifi is not in range. Otherwise, your phone may eat through your allotted data much quicker than you're used to. 

Have you been experiencing any issues like this lately? Let us know, and together we can protect ourselves from being over-charged!