From installation to configuration to maintenance, we cover all network administration needs.

Our team is experienced in Network Infrastructure creation; physical wiring installation, through walls and/or ceilings, we do it all!

Wireless Routers for when running cables isn't an option can also be configured.
With proper Network administration, file-sharing between employees is easier than ever, as well as being safe and secure. We can install a File Server to host important business data that multiple employees can access.

We offer off-site remote monitoring to help resolve conflicts as quickly as possible. Let us diagnose and repair your internet connectivity issues. We'll let you know if you should upgrade your equipment to maximize speed. Time is money, so the faster your computer allows you to work, the more money you can make! Invest in your business's ability to grow and increasingly generate  revenue. 

With experience in Novell, Microsoft 2000, Microsoft 2003, Microsoft 2008, Microsoft 2013, Microsoft peer to peer, and then the open source – Samba, we can meet any and all of your networking needs