John D. Bentrim - CEO

John D. Bentrim with wife, Suzanne R. Bentrim
After graduating from 
Penn State University in 1975 with a BS in Business Management, John D. Bentrim noticed the microcomputer industry begin to take off. Seeing the revolutionary potential machines like the IBM pc with DOS 1.0, John began an over-30-year career as a computer consultant. 

To differentiate from the large, cold, corporate entities, John D. Bentrim Consulting seeks to develop personal relationships with all clients. Instead of a stranger swindling you to purchase the most expensive device, we work with clients on an individual basis to make to right choice the first time. 

Our clients aren't just business associates, they're our neighbors. Our family grew up in Bucks Country, and loves serving our community. Give us a call today to capitalize on the plethora of knowledge we have accumulated working in the computer industry for decades!