Software from big companies is expensive and difficult to configure. John D. Bentrim Consulting offers personal, customizable software for small/medium business needs. Large software companies expect businesses to comply to their software standards, causing more work for you.

With experience in Dbase, Foxbase, Foxpro, and then Visual Foxpro (same language as it evolved), Visual Basic, and Filemaker Pro, your small business can have the personalized software, specific to your business, that it deserves. 

Some examples of what we have provided to clients:

Specializing in rapid order taking for on the road reps. Take an order as fast as a customer can order it. The ability to send in an order as quickly as it is taken, whether connected to the internet or not.  The data then can be exported and imported into all major accounting software.

Multi-user order taking and tracking software 

Order taking software that takes orders by reps that are sent in and processed by the main office.

Label programs that will scan in UPC and print new label with updated info / pricing.

Iphone app that can scan UPC and look up info in company inventory.

Build a bridge between Amicus Export and Accounting software.

Remote email system that uses Dropbox to send large emails so Sales representatives are not slowed down waiting for it to upload.