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Storms like Blizzard Juno and Hurricane Sandy stress the importance of off-site data backups. A full-scale disaster, such as flood or fire, can devastate a business or home. Emergencies like these are when you'd be glad that even though the business hardware was destroyed, the documents and files needed to restore the  business can be recovered thanks to our offsite backup. New computers can be purchased. Family photos, or business payroll information cannot be replaced. Protect you and your business from possible complete devastation. 

We can set you up to have incremental, scheduled regular backups. This will be kept up-to-date with important changes, without any unnecessary redundancy. We also offer image backups of your file servers. An image is a "point in time" stored file server. It's all the system files, and the data files, all the drivers - everything. So if you have a crash and the file server hard drive is fried, we can install a new hard drive, and restore the image. You are back up and running, with minimal downtime, and no lost data!