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I've been using Bentrim Computer Consulting for years. They are knowledgeable technicians that give a great service at an affordable price. I'd recommend them to anyone with personal or business IT needs.                                                                 -N. D'Aleandro 



I have worked with Alex to resolve an issue with the hardware on my laptop. He quickly resolved my issues, saving me tons of time and money. I recommend Alex and all of John D. Bentrim Computer Consulting for all computer needs       -R. Sarder




I would highly recommend Alex and John D. Bentrim Consulting for any business or personal computing related needs. Every time I've called Alex for computer support he is quick to respond, incredibly customer oriented and has an uncompromising drive to ensure the highest quality, as well as the diagnosis of the system's troubles. Alex has successfully removed viruses and malware, as well as completely repaired the operating system of one of my computers, and upgraded the operating system of another.        -J. Ellis


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