Services & Specialties


Computer Repair We can pick up your computer, work on it, and return it. We also hook it back up and check to make sure everything is connected properly. 
  • We clean your computers. One of the major problems that plague computers is dirt on the motherboard and cpu.  With all those fans, it is like an air filter. But the dirt  build up can cause the components to overheat and then fail.
  • Sales System analysis - while we are working on your upgrade or repair, we also make sure you are up to date on all your service packs and updates.  Viruses/Trojans/Malware We also make sure your anti virus is up to date and has not lapsed. Finish off with a malware scan and your computing will safer and less likely to pick up a virus or trojan.
  • Firewalls - Your first line of defense against cyber-attacks 
  • Troubleshooting - We have tenacity. When others say "re install"  we say "we will find a real solution".  If you don't know why it does not work, how will you keep from doing the same thing wrong over and over again. We will figure it out, fix it, and explain how to avoid it in the future.
  • Specialties

    One of our specialties is computer diagnostics. We listen to your problem but figure out what is wrong and fix it. Re install the  operating system and loosing all your programs is not an answer, it's an admission that "I don't know how to fix it". We never give this as an answer.
  • Custom Programming - Specializing in rapid order taking for on the road reps. Take an order as fast as a customer can order it. The ability to send in an order as quickly as it is taken, whether connected to the internet or not.  The data then can be exported and imported into all major accounting software.
  • Networks - sharing data between a few home computers to Windows 2012 server and 50 computers. Our networks keep running and we never loose your data.
  • Sales - We can help move you to a new computer and new operating system. We also make sure all your data is where you can find it.  We analyze your needs and check all the major computer companies for who has the best bang for the buck. It changes on a regular basis, so we don't just sell one or two brands. 
  • Backups/Recovery - Essential data needs protection against catastrophic disasters. We get you up and running again with minimal downtime.